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Audiophiles and experts have been arguing for years that music which is being played from a iPod or iPhone lacks a certain amount of body and soul, since it’s probably been compressed to a MP3 file which can strip away certain sounds and frequencies from the song. Whilst the Roth Audio Cocoon MC4 Valve Amp can’t magically restore any data that has been stripped out of a MP3 file it can go in some ways to make the music sound more warm and full of body and bring back the excitement of listening for the first time to that new album from your favourite artist.

Main Features
• Hi-Resolution pure tube sound
• 2 pre-amp tube
• Supports different musical sources: i-Pod, CD and MP3
• Volume ControliPod Charging
• Overheating protection (85¢)Speaker short circuit protection
• Speaker protection when turning onFuse protection in the adapter

Power Output: 13W x 2
Frequency response: 20Hz~ 30KHz
T.H.D: < 0.5%
S/N ratio: > 90dB
Input impedance: 100Kohm
Output impedance: 8ohm
AC Input: 110V/230VAC Selectable, 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption: 50 V/A
Tube Type: 12AX7 x 2, 12AU7 x 2 MOS FET
Input Selectors: iPod, CD, MP3
Dimension: 187 (L) x 174 (W) x 108 (T) mm
Weight: 1.8 Kg (Amplifier only)

Buy Roth Audio Cocoon MC4 Valve Amp & iPod iPhone Dock from Amazon»

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